Spring 2022: New Graduates Upload

It’s the end of spring semester, and questions are starting to come in about the spring graduates upload process. Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked ones.

Q: When can I access May 2022 graduate information?

May 2022 graduate information will be requested at the beginning of June. This timeline allows for the most complete file to be processed and added into GAIL. With preparation of the file prior to upload, batching the information and clean up following the import, information is expected to be ready for use by mid-month.

Q: Should I send post-graduation info I've collected?

The Records team would love to get any exit survey information including contact information and employment. Exit survey information can be provided through the AskIT ticket system or through SendFiles to the Records office. If sending through SendFiles, please direct to Kellie Judy. If available, please include UGA CAN, myID or UGA email address for matching purposes.

Q: Who can I contact with additional questions about 2022 graduate information?

Please direct further questions about graduate information to AskIT or records@uga.edu

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