During the first week of June, approximately 7000 students who graduated in May 2018 were marked in GAIL with the alumnus constituency. These individuals will now appear in your alumni selections when processed through a marketing effort or event communication.

  • Along with new alumni records, a faculty/staff upload was also entered into GAIL in early June. This upload added in new UGA employees as well as updated current employees.
  • AddressFinder, which processes NCOA (National Change of Address) updates submitted by constituents, is set to run the weekend of June 23rd.
  • DeceasedFinder, which locates potential deceased constituents, is being reviewed and will be uploaded prior to the closing of the fiscal year books.
  • New files from LiveAlumni and the Career Center’s employment survey have been received and are currently being processed.

If you have any questions regarding the new data uploads, contact the Records team at records@uga.edu.