Want to subscribe to certain pages so you’ll know when new information is available? If so, this is for you.

RSS Feeds in GAIL

Steps to take:

  1. Find a tab that contains the RSS Feed symbol.


  1. Click on the symbol and you will be redirected to a “Feed” page like the one below. To subscribe to the feed click “subscribe to this feed” (see below).


Create a folder in your favorites section to put your feed in and click subscribe.


  1. Click “view feed properties”.


  1. You will need to put in your GAIL username and password by clicking the first “settings” button. ***REMINDER: use this format when entering ID and PW:

ID: myid\____________

PW: ________________

  1. Set the update preferences and archive settings to meet your needs.



Linking RSS Feeds to Email

**If you do not wish to link your RSS Feed(s) to your email do not complete the following steps. **If you will be using Outlook as your email source you must use Internet Explorer when subscribing to your RSS Feeds. If you will be using an email source other than Outlook, please refer to the instructions they give for linking RSS Feeds.

  1. Open Outlook.


  1. Click File.


  1. Click Account Settings.


  1. Choose the first drop down option, “Account Settings…”
  2. Click on the RSS Feeds tab.


  1. Choose “New” and a new dialog box will appear.


  1. You will be asked for your GAIL user name and password… Use the following format:

ID: myid\_______________

                                      PW: _________________


  1. Update any options to meet your needs and click OK to finish syncing the Feed to your email.