Recognition programs are used to evaluate and recognize giving to your particular school or college unit.  This is an easy way for you to determine who should be included on your donor walls, honor rolls, or donor listings and who qualifies for donor recognition events and or special mailings, etc.

A recognition process automatically calculates the donations received from constituents and awards them with recognition defined by the requirements and giving level(s) set by your particular school or college.

Recognition program reports provide a summary of everyone who qualifies for recognition, along with their recognition dollar amount (example:  Lifetime giving of $1,000,000) and named giving level if one exists (example:  Silver, Gold, or Platinum).

Recognition program history is maintained on a donor’s record, allowing you to see their past achievements in the recognition program.  This information can be queried and exported, giving you the data needed to analyze their giving history and patterns.  The program also keeps track of the number of consecutive years that a constituent has qualified for recognition.

Nearly every school or college unit now has at least one active recognition program.  Most have a fiscal year (FY) recognition program and many others also have a lifetime/cumulative giving program.  The recognition process that runs automatically on the first of each month calculates and awards or updates recognition to constituents based on gifts received during the past month.  You can request an update anytime during the month if you need updated calculations before the 1st.

Individual school or college recognition programs are independent of Presidents Club and Heritage Society programs which are overseen by Donor Relations & Stewardship and The Office of Gift & Estate Planning.  However, if you follow the same giving levels as the President’s Club, please note that the level names and dollar amounts for the program changed beginning July 1, 2017 for FY18 and beyond.  The new giving levels are:

Special Note:  Anyone with a planned giving “Heritage” recognition program, should contact Lindsay Carter-Tidwell  at or 2-8138 in the Office of Gift & Estate Planning.

If you have any questions, wish to modify your existing recognition programs or are interested in creating a new or additional program, please contact Cindy Bond at