Fundraisers: Learn how to show/hide archived referrals, how rejected referral notices are generated, and participants can now be added to referrals!

  1. Fundraisers can now filter out archived referrals on their “My Prospect Referrals” tab. Currently, all archived referrals are filtered out by default, however, you now have the ability to view them by checking the “Include Admin Archived” box under the filters.
  2. When a Referral is rejected by a development officer – Prisca Zaccaria, Jill Walton, Danielle Free, the researcher who sent out the referral, and Nedra Newton-Rosario will receive an email alert listing rejected referred prospects, the fundraiser’s name and the researcher’s name who made the referral.
  3. PARTICIPANTS can now be added to a Referral: Ex. A Terry prospect can be referred to a regional, and Katrina Bowers can be added as a participant so that she will receive a notification, as well.

If you have questions, please reach out to any of the individuals listed above.