A new Plan Dashboard has been added as a new tab inside your Prospect Plans which comes from an idea shared with us from the Law School as something that would be very helpful for their development officers.  The information that displays on this new tab actually comes from the Contact Reports which include more details about Opportunities than the Opportunities tab itself.  This new Plan Dashboard tab includes:  Next Step and Progress Summary, Opportunities, Funding Interests, Plan Narrative, and a new Plan Timeline.  The Plan Timeline is also a new addition which provides a visual of Completed Steps and Opportunities over the life of the plan.  You can click and drag the tab Plan Timeline and drop it as the first tab under your Plans so that it becomes your new landing page.  Also, this is a scrollable page rather than a click-to-move page.

From the Prospects record, go to the Plans tab and select the Plan you are interested in viewing. Then click on the Plan Dashboard tab to view the contents.