If you’ve ever wanted to peer into a crystal ball and see the future, look no further than the GAIL Planning Calendar. Located in the Marketing & Communications functional area, the Planning Calendar includes all of the marketing efforts and events that have ever been added to GAIL. It even includes the upcoming travel dates of our Regional team! 

Before deciding on an event date or planning your communications and solicitations for the month, you should always reference the Planning Calendar. Some things to look out for include solicitations and communications from Annual Giving, the Alumni Association, the State Botanical Gardens, and the Georgia Museum of Art. These groups may have significant overlap with your constituent base, and we want to minimize the occurrence of constituents receiving multiple solicitations on the same day.

So make the Planning Calendar part of your regular process. You will be so much more informed and your message will reach a more attentive audience. If we still haven’t convinced you, here’s the best part: you don’t have to manually add anything. As soon as you create a marketing effort or event in GAIL, it will automatically populate on the planning calendar. 

For example: April 13th (in red) probably isn’t the best day to host an event, because alumni chapters all around the country are participating in Dawg Day of Service. However April 9th (in green) looks like a good day to send an email to your constituents as currently no other marketing efforts are supposed to launch on that day.