Personalize BEE Emails Using Informal Salutations

Personalize BEE Emails Using Informal Salutations

Get the most out of your BEE merge tags by choosing to use either a constituent’s formal or now the new informal salutation in your email greeting.

A merge tag is a field you can incorporate into your BEE email template to populate specific information from a constituent’s record. For example, you can place a merge tag in your email template so that the greeting includes the recipient’s name rather than a generic “Hello!”

Prior to this most recent update, only formal salutations could be used for BEE merge tags (ex. Dear Mr. Smith…). Now you have the option to choose a more informal greeting (ex. Hello John…).

Add a merge tag to your email

To use any kind of salutation in your email communication, you’ll first need to add a merge tag into the email itself in BEE. To do this you’ll first need to click into a text box at the place you would like the recipient’s name to appear.


When you’re clicked into the text box, a gray formatting toolbar will appear with options for fonts, text size, bold, italics, etc. The very last formatting option will say merge tag. Click this and select salutation. In the text box [SALUTATION] will appear. (Don’t forget to hit save!)


When the email goes out the square-bracketed tag will be replaced with the constituent’s name!

Make sure your marketing effort or event pulls the informal salutation

To use the informal salutation, when you get to the name format option in either your marketing effort or event communication you’ll choose ASRV – Informal Email Salutation from the drop-down menu.

In a marketing effort:

In an event communication:

First Name... Nickname... What exactly will my email say?

Once you add the merge tag to your email and select the ASRV – informal email salutations name format option in your marketing effort/event communication, you may still be curious about exactly which name it will use. Will it be a first name? A nickname? What if someone goes by their middle name?

The informal salutation GAIL will use will be whatever is listed on the constituent’s profile for their individual informal salutation. To find this for a particular recipient, navigate to their profile, select the personal info tab, then scroll down to the name formats section.

In the unlikely event that the constituent doesn’t have an individual informal salutation listed on their profile, GAIL will pull whatever is checked as the primary salutation from this name formats area.

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