Let’s say you have taken the next step in being more secure online. Rather than using the same password for your desktop, your Outlook email, your personal email, GAIL, and your bank account, you decide to change them up a bit. Now you’re probably wondering how you are supposed to remember all of those different passwords! Instead of just writing everything down in a notebook, especially when there’s also a good chance that those passwords still are not very strong either, consider using a password manager. A strong password is long, complex, and different for every site you visit so a password manager generates, manages, and stores those unique passwords.

At their most basic level, every password manager will create secure passwords in just a few clicks, and save them all in a database encrypted behind a “principal password.” DAR IT recommends two password managers, KeePass (a desktop software) or LastPass (a browser extension), and both have their own advantages. 

To get started using one of these security tools, follow the links below:

KeePass Getting Started Guide
LastPass Getting Started Guide