Organizing and Locating Marketing Efforts

Organizing and Locating Marketing Efforts

Where can I find my marketing effort?

All current and previously created marketing efforts can be found in the marketing and communications functional area within the link direct marketing efforts.


When the direct marketing effort page appears, you’ll notice there is a long list of marketing efforts: 4300+ marketing efforts to be exact. That’s a lot! Most people opt not to scroll through this list to locate their effort. The easiest way to find your effort is to use the search box and type the name of your effort, or by selecting their Site (school/college/unit) using the Filters tool.


How can I organize my marketing efforts?

Let’s say you only ever want to view marketing efforts that were created by people within your school or unit. By clicking the filter icon next to the site column header, you can choose to view only efforts designated to a specific site. Note:¬†All column header filters are sticky. This means they will stay filtered every time you access the marketing effort list.


How can I “archive” previous marketing efforts?

The marketing effort list defaults to show you every marketing effort that was ever created. However, you can “archive” older efforts by clicking the setup started filter icon and choosing to see only efforts that were created after a certain date. So if I only wanted to see efforts that were created from 2017 to now, I would set my filter to say: After 01/01/2017. Remember, these filter icons are sticky. GAIL will remember your filter preferences the next time you log-in.

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