Opt-In to GAIL Notifications!

Opt-In to GAIL Notifications!

Tips & Tricks can sometimes be a lengthy newsletter, depending on how many GAIL updates were made in a given month. A common response from users is that they don’t have time to read it and decide which articles apply to their needs. 

Now you can opt-in to specific email alerts regarding GAIL updates! 

What types of notifications will I receive when I opt-in to email alerts?

Currently we offer three notification categories:

  • Marketing Efforts
  • Events
  • Fundraising

When an enhancement is made to GAIL that affects one of these areas, you will receive a short email notification. These alerts will include information like: shortcuts for streamlining processes, PDF guides and videos, new features, etc.

How often will I receive emails?

Don’t worry, you won’t be receiving an email every day. At most, you will receive a few emails a month. (And that’s on a productive month.)

How can I start receiving email alerts?

Send a quick email to askit@uga.edu and let them know which category, or categories, you would like to receive alerts about. If at any point you would like to stop receiving notifications, just email AskIT again and let them know. Easy-peasy!

Will I still get the Tips & Tricks newsletter?

Yes, you will still receive the monthly Tips & Tricks newsletter. The new opt-in alerts aren’t meant to replace Tips & Tricks. It’s just a way for you to get information quicker and without having to go through great lengths to find it.