If you’re a fundraiser, the fundraiser tab on your constituent profile houses a great tool: your pending activity page. Here you can see your list of pending plan steps and interactions for your prospects in one place. You can file contact reports for plans you’re working on, edit steps or mark them complete directly from this page, and edit plans or add additional steps to a prospect’s plan as needed.

In addition to these centrally located actions on the pending activity page, a new opportunities shortcut has been added. It will take you directly to the opportunity for the plan created for that prospect so that you can quickly and conveniently edit the opportunity as the plan evolves and takes shape.


How to Get There

To get to the pending activity page, navigate to your constituent profile and click the fundraiser tab (you may need to use the arrow buttons at the end of the row of tabs to see the fundraiser tab). Then click the pending activity sub-tab. Next, click the two downward chevrons next to the name of a prospect on your list, this will bring down the list of actions you can take with that prospect’s plan that we talked about above contact report, step, etc.

Next to the add documentation, you’ll see the new opportunities shortcut. If you click this shortcut, you’ll be taken to the opportunities tab of prospect’s plan you’re interested in.



One you click the opportunities shortcut, you’ll be able to easily edit the opportunity by clicking the edit button. Easy!