New Wealth Data – System Notifications on Individual Records

New Wealth Data – System Notifications on Individual Records

Development Officers, you may have noticed a few new items and alerts in GAIL as you’ve viewed constituent records.  The Constituent Development team is working with Blackbaud to update our WealthPoint scores on most records in the system.  The notification “feature” is an automatic function in GAIL over which we have little control – so it might bear some explanation.

The data refresh is now complete. Conducted in waves, it is not a one-time import of new values.  As you encounter these alerts in the system on your donors – just know it was a universal approach which will hit almost every individual record in the database.  The Notification will only show up on a record for a week after its update, may only appear once per GAIL user, and should not be any cause for concern.  Here’s an example of the Notice and the subsequent pop up box:

About the screening
These are indicators of potential wealth capacity…not financial facts.  Advancement Research uses the scores to then dig a little deeper.  These data points are externally obtained and are not proven nor updated by Advancement Research.  (If you are interested in the ratings specifics behind any record, just pose the question to Research – who will be happy to share, again, the unverified information with you.  Constituents with the highest marks, obviously, are given more attention for confirming the known assets and philanthropic interests.)

You can, however, view the summary information on any prospect’s wealth ratings on the “Model Scores” tab of the Wealth and Ratings page.  The “updated on” column indicates the most recently refreshed information (usually what generated the alert).  Caution!  Use them only as a clue to assess the overall picture of a donor’s capacity and interest.  These values are NOT CONFIRMED and are presently in review.  We will then consider how to best include them in the L.A.I.T. score formula.



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