New Upgrades to Content Blocks in BEE

New Upgrades to Content Blocks in BEE

Get ready for some helpful upgrades to the drag and drop content blocks you use to build your emails in BEE. You may be very familiar with using the Text block in plenty of emails. Soon, we’ll officially say our goodbyes to the original Text box, and hello to the Paragraph box. The goal is to create a smoother text management experience and enhance styling controls for BEE users. 

Don’t fret as Text isn’t going away immediately. Right now, users have the option of using both content blocks to build your emails. If you’re curious about how the Paragraph block works, here’s a sneak peak:

The Paragraph content block supports any number of paragraphs of any length that share the same formatting like font family or size. It also resolves formatting issues such as lost styling during text selection.

There’s also some upgrades coming to a familiar content block in BEE. The List content block includes more unique formatting properties and removes irrelevant ones, providing a better user experience overall.

Click here to learn more about the upgrades to these content blocks and how you can use them to make your email stand out.

Credit: Nathan Amthor of BEE Plugin