Request Constituent Update Tool

Do you ever come across outdated information in GAIL that you don’t feel comfortable updating yourself? We’ve created a useful shortcut for that exact situation.

Now when you’re on a constituent record, under the Tasks menu on the left Explorer bar you’ll see an option called Request Constituent Update.

This link will open up a form where you can select the type of update you’re requesting and add any necessary details. 

Please always be sure to include as much information about the update request as possible, using the Request Details text box. This is very helpful information for the Records team when they receive the request and begin updating the data on the constituents profile record.

Pro Tip: If you need more visible space in the Request Details comment box, click on the symbol at the bottom right and drag it down to enlarge the space (see smaller red arrow).

Once you click the Save button, the request will go into a queue for the Records department to be reviewed and updated!

The request will include your name as the person making the request so no need to type it into the Request Details box.