When you’ve sent out 5+ communications for the same event, it can be difficult to remember which content was included in each invitation. We’ve come up with a few event-specific naming conventions that can solve the issue! They’ll also help you better identify your event communications in the Planning Calendar and on the Email Statistics Report list. 

Start using these in addition to your SCU naming convention to better organize all your event communications:

  • SAVE = Save the Date
  • INV = Invitation
  • REM = Reminder
  • AFTER = After the event/follow-up

With these new naming conventions, the full names of your communications will follow this format: 

  • A&S – SAVE – 2019 Alumni Tailgate
  • ENGR – INV – Fall 2019 Board Meeting
  • JRNL – REM – Grady in LA – Last Chance to Register
  • AA – AFTER – Bulldog 100 Event Satisfaction Survey

If you have any questions about using these new naming conventions, please reach out to Client Services!