Event Registrant Analysis Report

This helpful report is called “Registrant Analysis” and is found on the left navigational Explorer bar inside the Event and allows you to get a broad overview of the constituents who areĀ  registered for an event.

This report shows statistics related to age groups, years of recognition, total recognition, gender, degree area, and constituency. It also breaks down how many of the registrants were first time attendees to an event in GAIL as well as when the registrant became a donor in relationship to this event. You can also use the tool to view a subset of the registrants based on these different filters. For example, you can easily view a list of registrants who are in their 20’s, have given over $10,000, and are graduates of the Law School. If you need to review a registrant in more detail, you can click on a registrant record and then select “View Constituent in GAIL”.

If the event is part of a multi-level event, please be aware that this report shows information for the main event, and every event that falls under the main event. It is also important to note that this report focuses on registrants that are attached to constituents in GAIL, and it does not reflect details regarding unnamed guests.

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