New Degree Area Organization

New Degree Area Organization

Recent changes have been made to the Degree Area fields of the constituents’ education tab. The constituents’ profile will look the same, however adjustments have been made behind the scenes that will affect the way you request and compile your alumni lists.


What is the Degree Area field and where is it located?

Degree Area is the field used to pull alumni for each school or college. This information can be found on each alumni’s record within the education tab. The Degree Area now contains majors, minors, and certificates for each school/college. (See the image below for reference.)


How does this change affect GAIL users?

Now when you request alumni lists from the Analytics & Reporting team, please let them know if you want to include all alumni’s majors/minors/certificates from your school or college. The Analytics & Reporting team will follow-up with users when a request is made with no preference stated as to include majors, minors or certificates. This is to ensure they are compiling the appropriate individuals for you to include in your communications.


For more information on how this recent change will affect future selection requests, please email


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