New Columns Added to Events Tab

No more hopping back and forth between a constituent profile and an events page! Users can now see more detailed event information about a registered constituent directly from the constituent’s Events tab using the Type, Status and Attended columns. 

If you’re wondering why these columns look familiar, they’re the same filters you can search by on the Registrations tab of an event. 


Type describes how the constituent registered for the event. A constituent can register than preregistration, an invitation or as a walk-in. 


Status describes where a constituent’s registration stands at a certain point in time. Status is also a good way to keep your invitees and registrants organized within your event. Find out more about these filters and when to use them.


The Attended filter will highlight whether a registrant actually attended your event or if they were a no-show. This information must be entered by the event coordinator in the Events module in order to reflect on the constituent’s profile. After an event, please remember to update the event attendance for your registrants.