We’ve heard your requests and our customizations team has built a new way of viewing aggregate Attribute data in GAIL! Now you can review all the constituents who are tagged with your specific Attribute from the Constituents functional area without requesting a query. 

1. Navigate to the Constituents functional area. 

2. Under the More Tasks heading, select Constituent Attributes.


3. Open the Filters option.

4. Select your desired Attribute from the drop down menu. 

5. Click Apply.

A data list of all the constituents with that Attribute will be generated, including their GAIL Lookup ID, the date the Attribute was added to their record and a direct link to the Attributes tab on their record. You can also download the data list using the More option, but it will not include contact information. This feature will not replace the Direct Marketing Effort and Event Invitation processes; it is intended to help you manage your Attributes.