A new field has been added to education records in GAIL that indicates the semester and year a student has applied for graduation. This can be found by navigating to the “Education” tab on a constituent profile and clicking the hyperlink for the Educational Institution (Univ. of Ga.):

From there, you can scroll down to “Attributes” to find the “Applied for Graduation Term” attribute:

Current values include “Spring 2021,” “Summer 2021,” and “Fall 2021”. Should a constituent not graduate in the semester for which they’ve applied, the attribute will be updated when they next apply for graduation. This attribute will be updated monthly with any new applicants/changed values.

This field will help us to create queries/selections when a school/college needs a list of students or parents of current students graduating in a specific semester. We can use this field as well as Class Year when needed. It will depend upon the request and the Analytics & Reporting team will reach out to see what is most appropriate.

If you have any other questions, please reach out through askit@uga.edu or email Olivia Engesser.