Keeping Your Event Data Organized with the Event List

Keeping Your Event Data Organized with the Event List

If you’re an events-oriented GAIL user, you probably already knew about the handy calendar view in the events functional area showing all planned ceremonies, celebrations, and occasions that have been set up through GAIL. But have you ever wanted to see them in a nice, organized list? That’s exactly what the brand new event list page will show you!


Getting There

To get there, click on events on the blue functional area bar, scroll down to the list of links under fundraising events and select event list (it will be last on the list). After a couple of seconds on loading in all the event information, a nice list of events will be displayed. You can the click the name of the event you’re interested in to go directly to its page!



Organizing Your List

While having a list of all the events is convenient, it may be a little too much information at one time. This is where filter and columns come into play.

You can change which columns are displayed in the table of events by clicking the columns button next to the search bar. Here you can remove columns that you do not find helpful and add in more useful columns by checking or unchecking the option in the list that appears. Available columns include the number of constituents invited, the number of event registrants, and the number of event attendees.

Be sure to press apply! These column options are “sticky” whichever columns you add or remove will stay that way each time you come to view the event list page (until the next time you change them).

Please make sure to always include the column event ID. If you uncheck this box, you will lose the ability to click into events.



If you click on the header for a particular column, you can reorder the table by that column either alphabetically, numerically, or by date. Click the column header again, and you’ll reverse the order.  You can also drag and drop columns so they’ll display in any order you’d like left to right. Just click on the column header and drag it to the left or right.



Filtering Your List

Each column header has a little funnel icon to the right of the header name that you can click to filter out entries in the table you may not be interested in. You can filter most columns but we’ll focus on two column filters that may be particularly useful.

Filtering by name: Every event’s name should be preceded by a departmental naming convention. If you click the funnel for the name column and type in naming convention of your department and hit apply, the event list will update to only show events from your department (that is, events that start with your department’s naming convention). This filter is “sticky” and will remain in effect until you change or remove it.



Filtering by start date: You may also be interested in only seeing events that are on a certain day or within a certain time period. To do this click the filter icon in the column header for start date. You’ll be presented with a drop-down and a space to enter a date. If you want to see events for a certain day select “Is” from the drop-down and enter the day in the box to the right. It may be useful to see events in the last month, if so select “After” from the drop-drop and enter the date from one month ago in the date box. Perhaps you need to see events in a particular time period, then select “Between” from the drop-down and enter a beginning and an end date in the boxes to the right. Once you’ve made the appropriate date selection, click apply and your event list will update. Again, this filer is “sticky” and will remain in effect until you change or remove it.



Getting a Spreadsheet

If you’d like to get your event list is spreadsheet form this can easily be done with the more button. Select more above the search bar and from the menu that pops up select download to XLSX to download an Excel spreadsheet of your event list (you can also download to CSV if you prefer this file format). You can now open this downloaded file in Excel. If you don’t want the entire list of thousands of events, be sure to apply some filters before downloading.


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