LiveAlumni in GAIL

LiveAlumni in GAIL

In an effort to obtain accurate and verified data from our alumni and donors, the office of Advancement Services is happy to announce the launch of LiveAlumni.

The new LiveAlumni tab allows GAIL users to view information typically found only by logging into the LiveAlumni website. This includes employment information from public LinkedIn profiles as well as employment relationships in GAIL for comparison. If updates are needed they can be processed directly from the LiveAlumni tab.

Both the LinkedIn URL and the LiveAlumni URL are available on the tab for access to additional information as well as the confidence match based on LiveAlumni’s algorithm. If you come across what you believe is an incorrect match please use the Request Constituent Update link on the task panel of GAIL to alert the Records office.

Please be aware that the LiveAlumni tab in GAIL is not real-time so there may be some conflicts in information. The interface between GAIL and LiveAlumni built by our Application Support team must be manually refreshed to sync with LiveAlumni information and we continue to get LiveAlumni updates only periodically through the year so there may be lag time or discrepancies when compared to LinkedIn.

This is an exciting development as we now have easy access to LiveAlumni information directly in GAIL. Additional enhancements are in the works for the future, and we will continue to keep you updated.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to Ashley Morrow in the Records office at

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