The purpose of the GAIL Steering Committee is to gather representatives from schools, colleges, or units who use GAIL to discuss issues, enhancements, customizations, and vote on changes to the system. This committee has recently changed its meeting schedule to meet 3 times each year. If you or anyone on your team has anything that needs to be brought to the attention of this committee, find your team’s committee member below and ask that they share your idea at the meeting! Your committee representative will in turn share information after each meeting back with your team.

Meeting Dates

December 8, 2021

March 9, 2022 (tentative)

More to follow

Current Committee Members

(Last updated on 11/23/2021)

Alan Daniel – Athletics

Alex Perry – Law School

Allison Walters – Ecology

Anna Conrad – GMOA

Ashley Morrow – Alumni Records

Beth Zimmerman – Regionals

Brandon Scott – UGAF

Brantley Hobbs – IT

Buck Sharp – Communications

Chris Spruill – Gift Accounting

Cindy Bond – Client Services – Chair

Colleen Pruitt – Honors Program

Corben Eastman – IT

Danielle Free – Prospect Management

Diana Fontaine – Alumni Association

Elizabeth Guest – Vet Med

Eric Schmidt – Client Services

Evan Tighe – Annual Giving

Gary Holbrook – Arts & Sciences

Gordon Thomas – Pharmacy

Greg Harmelink – Sr Dir Adv Serv

Haley Watts – COE

Shirley Allen – PSO & SBG

Jason Burdette – Gift Accounting

Jeff Garmon – IT Director

Jennifer Abbott – Social Work

Kathryn Reeves – Journalism

Katie Snipes – Forestry

Kethia Gates – Alumni Association

Kellie Judy – Alumni Records

Kim Brown – Engineering

Kim Hamby – Pharmacy

Laura Bayne – SPIA

Laura Wilkerson – CAES

Lauren Schlesinger – Donor Relations

Leandra Nessel – Libraries

Libby Shepherd – GA 4-H

Lynnsey Lafayette – Public Health

Mary Alston Killen – Arts & Sciences

Megan Powell – Gift & Estate Planning

Melaney Smith – TCOB

Miriam Perdue – Principal Gifts

Olivia Engesser – Reporting & Analytics

Prisca Zaccaria – Prospect Research

Steven Pitts – Student Affairs

Tanya Crowe – Application Development

Wendy Johnson  – Special Events



Vacant – Graduate School

Vacant – OVPI

Vacant – Performing Arts Center

Vacant – Government Relations