GAIL Greats: Rachel Peoples

Who are GAIL Greats?

We’re always doing our best to bring you new and fun things as you navigate GAIL. That’s why we’re proud to introduce GAIL Greats! Think of it as “VIP” – only better! GAIL Greats are skilled users who go above and beyond to advance the database. They take what they’ve learned from trainings, support resources and fellow users and apply it to real-life applications in GAIL. There’s also one unique characteristic that makes GAIL Greats stand out in the crowd. They’re nominated by their very own peers! While it may often seem like your day-to-day usage in GAIL gets overlooked, we hope this new initiative gives all users a sense of confidence and affirmation in their contributions to the database. 

Meet Rachel Peoples

Congratulations to Rachel Peoples for being the first GAIL Great! Rachel is the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at Terry College of Business. She started at UGA in 2016, and joined TDAR in 2018. Since her time at UGA, Rachel has attended over 10 GAIL trainings and has logged into the database more than 2,000 times! 

Outside of GAIL, Rachel is an avid nature enthusiast and enjoys hiking when she can. Her favorite places are the North Georgia mountains and the State Botanical Gardens. She even once hiked Blood Mountain and camped out at the very top!

The Work Behind the Scenes

Rachel was nominated by the Client Services Team after her work in the Events module. We were particularly impressed with TCOB – Georgia MBA Alumni Symposium 2022. As you see to the right, Rachel took full advantage of the Speakers tab. She also included the topic of each speaker’s speech, helpful comments such as whether a speaker was a keynote and the time they were expected to speak. 

This is an area in the Events module we often see users skip. However, it can save you stress from planning and, most importantly, track constituent engagement. By Rachel taking a moment to enter this information, she opened up countless other options for further engaging these constituents. 

Adding speaker information into GAIL is fairly simple – just ask Rachel! If you need assistance, just check out this guide

Advice from a GAIL Great

We understand navigating GAIL can get challenging at times. In addition to highlighting great GAIL users, we hope hearing from them is just as beneficial. When asked for words of advice for GAIL users, here’s what Rachel had to offer: 

“My advice to new users is to bookmark the GAIL Resources page and refer to them as frequently as needed. The step-by-step guides make it easier to navigate the platform and help you feel more comfortable using it. For those of us that have used it for a while, no information is too much information! Simple notes (interactions) on profiles can make all the difference as we continue to build relationships with alumni and friends of the university.”

Nominate a GAIL Great

Rachel is just the first of many who will earn this honor. We know there are plenty other GAIL Greats out there, and it’s up to you to help us recognize them. If you know someone who goes above and beyond to advance the GAIL database, nominate them! Tell us what makes them GAIL Great and we’ll spotlight them next!