Development Officers, a mobile interface titled Fundraiser On the Go is available with enhanced features to file contact reports, interactions, and contact your Prospects directly. This interface is a responsive, web based application making it compatible with any electronic device.

Remember that:

  1. You must be marked as a Fundraiser in GAIL
  2. You must have the Cisco Legacy AnyConnect mobile application installed on your device. Click here for instructions and follow steps 1-3.
  3. Your mobile device will need to be connected to the o2 Restricted VPN to access it

FROG is available on the GAIL landing page to the right of where you would normally click to choose GAIL CRM.

If you would like to test FROG in GAIL’s Staging Environment follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to access the GAIL Staging Environment

  2. Log in using your UGA my ID and Password:


  3. Click on a Prospect’s name from the My portfolio page to access Recent steps/interactions, Upcoming steps/interactions, and Recent gifts/credits:

  4. Click on the icons located at the bottom of the page to contact the donor via telephone, text message, or email. File a contact Report by clicking on the blue button:

    1. You can file a contact report:              or….
    2. You can choose a different option:
  5. You also have the ability to search and review constituents that are not marked as “Prospects” in GAIL by clicking on the second tab called “Search All”: