Fundraiser Navigation Shortcuts

Fundraiser Navigation Shortcuts

Several shortcut hyperlinks have been added in GAIL to aid fundraisers and provide quicker navigation between prospects of groups, my fundraiser pages, and constituent records.

From theĀ my fundraiser page, a new shortcut link has been added to redirect fundraisers to their prospects of group. You can find this hyperlink underneath the fundraiser’s image at the top of the page.


A new shortcut link has also been added to the tasks sidebar of the prospects of groups. Clicking the fundraiser hyperlink from your prospects of group will redirect you to the fundraiser tab on your constituent record.


Within the members tab of your prospects of group, you will now see a “find member” search tool. This feature will allow you to search for prospects in your portfolio by name. This eliminates the tedious task of clicking and scrolling through multiple pages to find a specific donor.

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