Wednesday, July 9, 2014, Development and Alumni Relations main IT systems will be taken down for enhancements.  We will be installing new network switches within the Milledge Centre building and will not have connectivity to any of our systems such as ONESolution or GAIL.

In addition, the GAIL application will be updated to version 3.0 (previous version 2.94).  This upgrade is mostly cosmetic, but there are a few enhancements worth mentioning.

  • “Sticky” preferences – When adjusting column widths in the Results grid or select columns to sort results, the program now remembers your preferences and uses the same widths the next time you open that search screen
  • Membership module has many new enhancements which will allow GMOA and the Botanical Garden programs to be added in the future
  • A wizard for simplifying adding new designations to the system
  • Easier matching and screens which will allow UGA to eliminate duplicate records
  • Timeline view of revenue transactions to track adjustments
  • ​​Mobile enhancements which includes a constituent and prospect search
    • Recently accessed and favorite constituent links
    • Manage personal KPI’s and dashboards
    • Access/Update pending steps, prospect plans, and submit Research requests

Thank you to everyone who helped test this new version and providing valuable insight into the product.  To review a detailed list of the enhancements, click on the link below.