It’s not uncommon for a person to pay a registration fee on behalf of someone else, but how do you handle that when you’re manually adding registrations in GAIL? Follow the steps below:

For Individuals:

Add the Registrant


When you return to the Events page, click on the Registrations tab and you’ll see your Non-attending Registrant along with the 2 (or more) individuals that will actually be attending the event.


For Sponsorships/Groups:

Select a Company (or Individual) Sponsor, change the first Registrant to a person/individual removing the actual company as an attendee.


Then when individuals begin registering, or you receive the list of names, you can input their names in place of “Guest of “K” Line America, Inc.”.



*Please ensure that a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed before sharing information with an individual or vendor outside of GAIL. When sharing data all documents must be sent through the SendFiles application.
Once the appropriate mandatory forms have been received, then you may use UGA’s secure file transmittal method of SENDFILES. Do not ever send GAIL data through regular email as it is not secure by any means.