Event Invitation Invitees List Options

UPDATE:  These enhancements are now available in GAIL!!

We are pleased to announce that coming in the very near future (in 2022), we will be rolling out changes to the process of managing your list of Invitees for an Event Invitation. Previously, the form for adding “Multiple constituents” was a two-part form.  It seems that this was causing problems in the case that an event manager forgot to click the “Exclusions” button and update the list of default exclusions.  For instance, one might have an invitation of the type ” Send through email only”  but forget to remove the “Do not mail” exclusion or even the “Do Not Solicit” exclusion, if the invitation did not include a solicitation.  As part of the changes to the process, the form will no longer have two parts and in the case of a “Send through email only” invitation, the “Do not mail” exclusion will be automatically removed from the list for you.  If the invitation is of the type ” Send through mail only ” then the “Do Not Email” exclusion will be removed.  You will still want to add any S/C/U exclusions appropriate for your invitation.

Another change is that the process will automatically create logs for the actions that you take to create your Invitees List, so that if you have questions after making your selections, you can review what you did.  (Also, it will help us better serve you if you have concerns about why someone was/wasn’t included.)  There will be a new tab on the page for viewing your logs, along with filters to limit the list.

Finally, as part of the evolution of this functionality, we proposed at the December 2021 Steering Committee meeting, the addition of a new section on the form to exclude constituents based on a selection.  We believe that this should help by allowing you to use existing selections to easily exclude common groups, such as the Board of Trustees, for example, from an invitation for all alumni.  This final part of the project is still under construction, but we hope to have it ready soon.