New enhancements have been made to the email statistics report to make it easier to search for and locate a previously sent email through GAIL. These updates include the ability to search by your email name, filtering column headers that remain sticky, and choosing which email data you want to see or not see.


You can locate the newly updated report by navigating to the Marketing and Communications functional area and selecting Email Statistics under Custom Reports.



When the report listing first appears, you will see all the email communications that have been sent through GAIL. To narrow the list down and view only your school/college/unit, you can search for the name of your email in the search field, or click the column header filter icons. By choosing the sent date filter you can narrow your emails down to a specific date range.



Click on the Columns button to choose which email data you would like to view in your reports. By checking or un-checking boxes from this list, your selections will remain sticky. This means the next time you log into GAIL, you will see your same established settings.