Engagement Dashboard FY22 Closing Stats and Q1 Start

In case you haven’t taken a snapshot of your engagement data on the dashboard yet, this is a friendly reminder to do so!  Take a look at how your alumni engaged in FY22, in each mode.  Record those numbers, and keep track of them quarter over quarter! The Alumni Relations team will pull overall numbers on the following dates to share our progress each quarter:

  • July 18 (pull final numbers for previous fiscal year for final Q4 Numbers.)  By this date, the final data should be in.
  • October 18 for Q1
  • January 18 for Q2
  • April 18 for Q3
  • (then mid-July for final Q4 numbers).

Here are screenshots for FY22 closing numbers for FY22 (on the left) and FY23 (on the right).  Pro Tip, put reminders in your calendar to gather date specific engagement data at the end of each month, so you can track and compare.

Courtesy of Meredith Gurley Johnson, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

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