Acknowledgements, Income Summary & Gift Reports

Acknowledgements, Income Summary & Gift Reports

What do I need to use for sending out thank you letters to our donors?

  •  Answer:  Acknowledgements reports (contains every donation, also includes mailing information)

Is there a report I can run to see recent donors to our school or to a specific fund?

  •  Answer:  Income Summary Report, Gift Report by Site

Acknowledgement Process

This process, which is set up for each school, college, or unit, will pull all gifts, pledges, planned gifts, and matching gifts (based on what is required) and is used in order to recognize and thank your donors for their generous donations.  Output can be in the form of excel spreadsheets to be used with merge letters, or merge letters can be attached to the process so that when selected, the result is the nearly completed acknowledgement letters to be mailed out.  To receive training for this specialized process, please email to request a one on one training session.

Income Summary Reports

Users can run these reports any time, as needed, and these are used as basic gift reports, not to be used to contact donors as no mailing/contact information is included.  From the Analysis Functional Area page, choose Revenue Reports, then under the Custom Reports section, there are two Income Summary report options.  These were called ‘Departmental Income Summary Reports” from our previous system.  (Dollars raised, cash in the door, but does NOT include pledges or planned gifts).

Gift Reports

As another option, users can choose to run three other types of Gift Reports. From the Revenue Functional Area page, the following reports can be found from the Custom Reports section and ran as needed by any user as needed.  These will provide an online report based on criteria you specify per your school/college/unit.  These reports can be saved to your computer and printed, if needed.  These reports do not contain mailing or contact information as these are not intended to be used for contacting donors. (Same as Income Summary but also includes “other” gift types, tangibles.)