What is this thing?  And how do I get it?

If you’ve ever wished you could key in one interaction and have it copy to multiple constituent records, or wished that you could keep a list of various interactions in a spreadsheet and have those imported into GAIL onto constituents records – that day is here!  Advancement Services has been working on tweaking a process that will allow you to perform this time saving function.  Please contact Client Services for more details and instructions.

A summary of the process includes an excel .csv template containing a minimum of 100 entries that you key information into the required data fields, save it to a designated file share, then submit a ticket to ASKIT to request the batch import process.  Advancement Services’ goal is to provide a 2 business day turnaround on every request of this nature.

Note:  Please be cognizant of when and how often you submit this type of request.  You should not hold your batch interaction list(s) until the last couple days of the month which can cause a backlog for the ASKIT Application Support team, and could potentially cause your interactions to not get imported before the end of the month, leaving them off month-end reports.  Likewise, this process is not intended to replace your daily interaction entry for those VIP prospect records, you will want to continue entering time sensitive or pertinent interactions so that other fundraisers can have quick access to that information.  In addition, these batch interactions will NOT link to prospect plans so if that is your intent, this tool will not work for you in that manner and you’ll need to continue entering those manually as pending/completed steps within the plan.

An example of what the excel .csv file will look like: