First thing's first...

You might be wondering what a multi-level event is! Basically it refers to a tiered event structure in GAIL, where multiple events are nested under a parent event. This setup is commonly used for large events with break out sessions or multiple start times, such as Alumni Weekend and AdvanceUGA.

Creating a Multi-Level Event

1. You’ll start on the Events functional area just like with any event setup! Choose Add New then Multi-Level Event.

2. In the Event Management Template box, choose Two-Level Event Template. 

3. Click Add. 

4. Complete the Add an Event pop-up just like you would when creating a single level event. 

5. To add additional levels, you’ll use the Add button again but with the parent event (or whichever event you want the new one nested under) and create the new sub-level event. 

Essentially what you’re doing here is creating multiple single level events at once and choosing the nesting order. 

You can also use the Add Existing option to combine an event that’s already been set up in the nesting order. 

6. If you save the event and need to edit or add more to the nesting order, navigate to the multi-level event Summary.

7. From here, click the drop down arrow next to the Level 1 event, and choose Add. You’ll have the option to add another new event or incorporate an existing one.