Information is constantly being updated in GAIL by our users, but some projects and processes occur regularly that require large data updates. Knowing the estimated timing of such projects can help you plan your communications in order to use the freshest information available to us.

The list below outlines the schedule that the Constituent Management team follows for keeping GAIL data up to date. It includes both special projects and daily tasks and is broken down by how often each process/project occurs.

Constituent Batch Search

June, every other year

Data Owner: PeopleFinder

Bulk search for unknown addresses to re-establish contact with lost constituents

Career Outcomes Survey

January – March

Data Owner: Career Center

Update recent graduates’ employment information


Deceased Batch Search


Data Owner: DeceasedFinder

Bulk search for all living constituents to ensure they have not died


Freshmen Students


Data Owner: Undergraduate Admissions

Incoming first-year students and parents


Government Districts


Data Owner: EITS

Georgia state senate and house districts


President’s Annual Report

June – September

Data Owner: Various

Lists/groups/committees are updated and verified for the President’s Annual Report mailing


President’s Holiday Card

September – November

Data Owner: President’s Office

Mailing lists/groups/committees are updated and verified for the President’s card mailing


August & January

Data Owner: Web

Update involvements for athletic rosters


Business Music Certificate

December & May

Data Owner: Terry College of Business

Certificate recipients updated in system


Government Officials

January & July

Data Owner: Web

New officials added in January following elections; verified prior to Annual Report



July & February

Data Owner: Registrar

Sets alumni status and degree year


Student Uploads

September & February

Data Owner: Registrar

Sets student status (current or matriculate)


Study Abroad


Data Owner: Office of Global Engagement

Update participants in study abroad programs


UGA Employee

February & September

Data Owner: Human Resources

Sets current faculty/staff indicator and campus addresses

Board of Regents

Data Owner: Web

Committee members updated/verified


Duplicate Report

Data Owner: GAIL

Reconcile possible duplicates in system


NCOA Updates

March, June, September, December

Data Owner: AddressFinder

National Change of Address changes given to post office (certificate available in GAIL for reduced postage on mailings)


President’s Newsletter

Data Owner: President’s Office

Mailing lists/groups/committees are updated and verified for the President’s newsletter mailing

Matching Gift Relationships

Data Owner: GAIL

MatchFinder updates and matching gift relationships added for employees


Retired Employees

Data Owner: Human Resources

Sets retirement status for UGA retirees


Virtual Networking Events

Data Owner: Alumni Association

Update contact information and employment for online participants

Adding Emails


Data Owner: SCUs, Blackbaud, LiveAlumni

Collecting emails is an ongoing process in which Records works with Schools/Colleges/Units to collect emails from students and alumni and utilizes external vendors such as Blackbaud and LiveAlumni to update missing emails when resources are available

BBIS Online Directory

Data Owner: BBIS

Users Requesting Access to our online directory

Deceased Search

Data Ownter: Obituary

Local/regional newspapers are scanned for UGA alumni and entered if found

Honor Roll

Data Owner: GAIL

Reconcile honor roll listing for individuals donating less than $1,000

Quality Assurance

Data Owner: GAIL

Provide quality assurance for system updates

Ruffalo Noel Levitz

Data Owner: RuffaloCody

Updates from student calling are made in system


Data Owner: Human Resources

Sets UGA employment status and eliminates access to GAIL/ONESolution/foundation systems