Communication Preferences within BEE Plugin

You’ve filled out the six fields at the bottom of your BEE email, dragged and dropped your preferred contents and previewed how the email will look. Before you can send that email out, you must complete one additional step.

If a constituent prefers not to be contacted by a particular department, it is our responsibility to honor those requests. We do that within the BEE plugin by linking a communication preference. When done correctly, this acts as the recipient’s unsubscribe button and allows them to opt out of any future emails. Before sending out your finished email, you must make sure you link the communication preference that corresponds with your department. If you don’t see a one for your department, please reach out to the Client Services team or submit a ticket through AskIT.

Linking a Communication Preference

  • Scroll to the bottom of your email and highlight communications preferences with your cursor. 
  • Click the special links drop down menu and select Communications Preferences. 
  • Here you can search through all the communication preferences within each school/unit. 

Note: If you are using an existing GAIL email and plan to save as a copy, always check to make sure the correct communication preference is linked for your department.

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