FY17 Cut-Off for PDF Deposit Transmittal Process

The new online Deposit Transmittal form has been introduced recently and has been adopted by several units already.  This online version is replacing the old .pdf process with a soft cut over early FY17 (July 2016).  If you have not attended training or watched the training videos (here), please sign up for a class or […]

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Revenue vs. Recognition – What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between revenue and recognition? Constituent revenue includes only those commitments and payments that were made personally by that constituent, and as a result, the Revenue Summary and Revenue History tabs exclude some important gifts. The complete view of a donor’s giving history is found in their Recognition Summary and Recognition History tabs.  […]

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New Echelon Scores in GAIL

Echelon is just ONE wealth indicator (and specifically – this one points to asset liquidity).  Although these variables are currently unverified, it is a way to identify some new constituents in the UGA family for potential giving, primarily while their students are on campus.  Freshman, and some Sophomore, Parent records have been updated to include […]

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Alumni and Annual Giving Report

The custom Alumni and Giving Report has been adjusted to reflect the revamped Degree Areas and FY15 giving.

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Faculty/Staff Giving Report

A new faculty/staff giving report is now available in GAIL. The giving totals that pull into this report are based off of campaign logic and look at the campaign tags from the previous fiscal year (FY15). 

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Corporate Information Tab for Organization Constituents

Do you need to see information for several organizations in one group? If so, you can now view “Corporate Information” found on the Parent Company’s record. Follow these simple steps:


Gift Report by Site

If you need a report that is directly associated with Annual Giving, this one is for you! This report shows all annual giving (including individual transactions, donor names, and designations) for all payments to a particular area.

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Changes to the “Donor” Active Constituency

Have you ever wondered when and why a person receives the “Donor” active constituency on their record in GAIL? Until now, this constituency was populated on the individual or organization record of the person who gives (based on hard credit dollars). For example, if spouse A gives and spouse B receives recognition credit, only spouse A would have […]

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