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New Heritage Society Attributes

Query users can now access the new Heritage Society Publication Preferences Attribute and Heritage Society Stewardship Preferences Attribute in the attributes folder.

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Updating Segment Codes to Associate Revenue in Direct Marketing Efforts

To ensure that every direct marketing effort has a unique source code to associate revenue, you may need to update your segment with a new segment code.

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Fund Agreements Viewable in GAIL

GAIL users, fund agreements previously accessible only in ONESolution’s financial reporting software are now available in GAIL on the fund’s profile page!

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Recognition Programs Update

Recognition programs are used to evaluate and recognize giving to your particular school or college unit.  This is an easy way for you to determine who should be included on your donor walls, honor rolls, or donor listings and who qualifies for donor recognition events and or special mailings, etc. A recognition process automatically calculates […]

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2017 GAIL & Advizor Survey Results: Part 5

Q12 – Do you currently track any data outside of the GAIL system that you would like to see added? Please list.  Q13 – Do you have trouble viewing or understanding Planned Giving data in GAIL? WHat would be helpful? Please list. Q14 – Are you including Planned Gifts in your Acknowledgement processes? If not why or would you like […]

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Using GAIL’s Giving Form URL Generator

The GAIL Giving Form URL Generator creates a URL hyperlink intended for external communications/solicitations such as print material, social media pages, and websites. While the Giving Form URL Generator doesn’t have to be used for Direct Marketing Efforts, here are some examples of how and when to use the generator as it relates to the […]


UGA’s School/College Degrees, Degree Areas and Majors/Departments

Do you ever find yourself needing a convenient reference listing all degrees/majors for your school or college?  That list has just been compiled for you from the GAIL system and is based on data from the UGA Office of the Registrars.  

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Prospect Management Policies and Procedures

The Prospect Management Policies and Procedures manual has been updated as of February 21, 2019. Click on the document below to review or download as a PDF document.

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File a Contact Report using GAIL Mobilize

Development Officers, have you used GAIL mobilize to file contact reports using the dictation feature on your mobile device? Follow the instructions below to take advantage of this great feature!

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Smart Fields

GAIL Users, as a reminder, when reviewing data in the Smart Fields tab of the constituent page please know that this information serves as a periodically refreshed snapshot of giving information on a constituent record. If/when you see a “$0” value also keep in mind that this indicates no gifts have been donated to this […]

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