Direct Marketing Efforts

Brief Refresher on GAIL Communication Modules

If you’re familiar with them, you know that the GAIL communication modules can really pack a punch. But we all know what comes with great power… Just because you technically […]


Updates to Default Marketing Effort Settings

With the number of postal marketing effort mailings increasing along with an increase in the number of GAIL users with this access, issues are still being reported with blank addresses […]

By Emily Clary | Direct Marketing Efforts

Email Teaser Text

You probably recognize this bit of content from the top of all your BEE emails. Email teaser text is the little snippet of your message that your audience will be […]


FY20 GAIL Statistics

It’s been a big year in a lot of ways and that’s no exception for GAIL! Check out the document below to learn about all the records updates that were […]


Building Deliverable Emails

Of course it’s important to create nice looking emails to send to your constituents, but did you know that some of your email elements could actually be keeping them out […]


New Segments vs. Existing Segments

NOTE: The helpdesk ticketing system in this video/article may look different as we begin our transition to TeamDynamix. Once this change goes into effect, you will see a notice when […]

By Olivia Engesser | Direct Marketing Efforts

Constituent Information Update Schedule

Information is constantly being updated in GAIL by our users, but some projects and processes occur regularly that require large data updates. Knowing the estimated timing of such projects can […]


Holiday Card Address Processing & Name Format Settings

Those of you used to sending emails probably don’t do much with the Address Processing & Name Format settings in your GAIL marketing efforts and event communications. However with the […]


Mr. Direct M. Placeholder vs. Universe

If you are using Mr. Placeholder’s finder number for tracking your postal mail marketing effort, you should double-check that the record is actively included in the marketing effort export information. […]


Finding your alumni (and donors, parents, and anyone else) in GAIL

If part of your planning process for mailings, events, or travel is to first see where your constituents live, GAIL has a tool for you! That’s right! The constituent density […]