Direct Marketing Efforts

Marketing Effort Summary Tab: Measuring Performance

A new Summary tab has been added to the Marketing Effort page when you’re reviewing your marketing effort individually.  This Summary tab provides a “real time” report of how well your effort is performing and will continuously update as new gifts are booked.

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GAIL – A Year in Review

In July of this year, GAIL celebrated its first birthday, and what a year of firsts it has been. We couldn’t have made it to this point without the hard work and dedication of all of you so please allow me to take this opportunity to say thank you.


GAIL Export to Merge Letters, Envelopes or Labels

Do you need to export and excel file to use in Word for Merging letters, envelopes, label, etc.? A sample event invitation will be used for this purpose. Continue reading to learn more.   


Marketing Efforts Using the “Basic Export” Definition

The “Basic Export” that you have likely used in the past to attach to your Marketing Efforts/Packages has recently become corrupted and will not allow you to export your marketing efforts that have this listed as the export to use.  

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What is the definition of Annual Giving?

Annual giving includes current academic gifts within a fiscal year cycle that are repeatable in nature (i.e., feasibly renewed and/or increased from year to year) and are not payments made on major pledge commitments.