Browse Constituent Educational Involvements

To complement the addition of the data list to view Constituent Attributes en masse, which was completed summer of 2020, a data list to view Educational Involvements has been added as a separate tab on the same page. These options are available from the Constituents tab, More tasks section, at the “Constituent attributes/involvements” link.

The first time you access the Involvements list, you will need to open the “Filters” area. The most common use of the page would be to select both an Involvement type and name, but only the Type field is required. In the example screenshot, “Study Abroad” was chosen as the Involvement type and “Washington Semester Program” was chosen as the Involvement name. Some involvements were loaded with a from/to date range, or a role/position, or comments. There are a few involvements which were entered for other schools, but most should be for UGA. Be sure to click Apply to see the results!

If you find that data needs to be added and your department is the authoritative source for the data, you can submit that to AskIT for a mass import, for either new or historical data. We have a batch process available for importing these but would need either the GAIL LookupID or the student’s UGAID (CAN / 810 number).  You can also prompt us to seek an update from the authoritative source, if needed.