There are some new features and updates buzzing around!

Collapsible Side Bar

Laptop users – your prayers have been answered. The sidebar (with the Content, Rows, and Settings menus) is now collapsible! Look for the little blue arrow to give yourself a larger workspace for your email design. 


There is now an emoji keyboard in the grey text editing window that opens when you have a text box selected. You can browse through different categories of images or run a search for something specific. Obviously use your best judgement when using emojis in any of your emails, but they can be a fun addition!

New Social Media Icons

New icons have been added to the social media icon set. You can now link to TikTok, WhatsApp, and TripAdvisor using their logos. And now for a shameless plug: go follow the UGA Alumni Association on TikTok!


Alright y’all, time to settle this debate. It’s GIF. GIF is a peanut butter. Either way, BEE is now connected to Giphy and you can pull in GIFs and stickers to give your emails a little extra oomph. Just keep in mind that a dancing Hairy Dawg might not be appropriate for every audience.