BEE Email Editor Updates

If you haven’t noticed already, some major updates to everyone’s favorite email editor went into effect last week. We know things look a little different, but all the features you need to design your emails are still there! Let’s walk through the changes.

The biggest change that will affect all BEE users is to the drop-down menus where you previously chose a template or an existing email. This functionality is still there, it’s just in a slightly different place. When getting started with any email, you will click the second drop-down box and choose between Load from GAIL Emails and Load from Templates. Once you choose either of these, the procedures for editing and saving your BEE email are the same.

Load from GAIL Emails

When you need to load an existing email, select Load from GAIL Emails in the second drop-down window. The first will then read Select GAIL Email. When you click on this, you’ll see the full list of editable emails to choose from.

Load from Templates

When you want to create a brand new template, select Load from Templates in the second drop-down window. The first will then read Select Template and offer a list of pre-made email templates to get you started.

By default, all users will also see an option for Load from BBIS emails. This does not mean everyone has access to send emails through BBIS. If you need access, please submit an AskIT ticket. If you are already a BBIS user, please note that BBIS emails are not saved as email templates in GAIL. The BEE editor will now automatically download an export for you when you save. 

In addition to selecting an editor, the red links that read Manage: My GAIL Emails | My BBIS Emails are for managing your existing emails. Here you can search for your emails and view, edit, or delete them. Please note that this is not a permanent deletion. If you delete an email by mistake, you can always toggle the “Show Deleted?” filter on to see the emails you’ve deleted and restore it to your normal view.

Finally there are a few improvements to the editor that you’ve all been waiting for:

  • When you send a test email through BEE, the Communication Preferences, Privacy Policy, and View in Browser links are now fully functional! No more freak-outs thinking they are somehow broken.
  • Our web-wizards have updated the error messages to be a little less cryptic. When something does go wrong, it should be easier for you to figure out (but in a pinch, sending a screenshot to AskIT never hurts).
  • The UGA brand colors are now always available among the color selector options when editing content!