New “Research” tab on prospect records!

New “Research” tab on prospect records!

There’s a new “Research” tab on prospect records in GAIL!

GAIL has a new “Research” tab which consolidates into one place the information presently appearing in different areas of the database. The new Research Tab reflects pertinent modeling score/rating information, prequalification notes, profile information, and research-confirmed assets: real estate, businesses, securities, wealth indicators, income/compensation, and other assets. There is also an indicator on the custom prospect status tile for the new research tab.


Prospect Status

The “Prospect Status” custom tile (click “Customized tiles” then replace current prospect status tile with our custom one) now has an indicator at the bottom when Research exists on a prospect. This indicator was designed to get the users’ attention so they can dig deeper if they wish. Clicking the indicator at the bottom of the tile will navigate directly to the research tab.

While on a Prospect’s constituent screen, locate the “Research” tab and click on it. You can also move this custom tab just like any of the others to better fit your personal preferences. Your security settings in GAIL define what information is available on the tab. The tab is divided into five sections: 1) Modeling Scores and Ratings, 2) Prequalification, 3) Profile, 4) Proactive Prospect, and 5) Confirmed Assets.


Modeling Scores and Ratings Information

 The estimated giving capacity range, if available, appears here along with the myID of the research employee who added or changed it last. Usually, when this information is populated the record will also have a “Prequalification Score” ranging from 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest rating. This score combines wealth information along with affinity for UGA.



 The Research Team often includes “Prequalification Notes” with their documentation for referrals. These notes include detailed information about the prospects’ wealth, employment, and interests. This section will indicate details discovered through research, the myid of the Researcher creating the note, and when the note was last updated.



 If a full profile exists on the prospect, this section will indicate which DO receive the information, the original request number, and where the profile is stored. The research employee who wrote the profile and when they created it is also reflected in this section.


Proactive Prospect

 Proactive prospects are identified by the Research Team and are often, but not always, followed by a prequalification and eventually a Referral. There are three types of proactive prospects:  MGP = Major Gift Prospect; PRGP = Principal Gift Prospect; and NMGP = Not a Major Gift Prospect.


Confirmed Assets

 The “Confirmed Assets” information in GAIL comes from multiple external data lists and screening services. This section on our Research Tab is modified to show only the prospects’ assets reviewed and confirmed by our Research Office. Each section indicates the number of assets confirmed by type. (See Label “# of Assets”). By clicking the double chevron (See Label “See Details”) the entire list of assets will show. Note: some assets will appear more than once if confirmed in multiple data loads. Click on the specific row to drill down into additional information known on the asset (See Label “Drill Down”). Note: within the drill-down for each item there are additional tabs with more information about the selection (See Label “Additional Tabs”). Also, any blue link within the drill-down is a hyperlink to an outside web source (See Label “Hyperlink”).

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