When hosting a large event, it can sometimes be easy to get bogged down in all the planning details. Without a stellar organization system, changes to staffing or even the event itself can cause issues in planning down the road. 

To save yourself the trouble in the future, avoid some of the stress of planning an event by adding your speakers to your event in GAIL. This process is virtually painless and if everyone begins tracking their speakers in GAIL this way, we can track and utilize yet another valuable method of constituent engagement.

Once a constituent has been tagged as a speaker in GAIL, they can be queried for future communications such as invitations to other events, solicitations and more! By taking a moment to enter this information, you open up countless other options for further engaging these constituents.

To add a speaker to an existing event in GAIL, go to the Speakers tab and click Add. From here you’ll be able to search for the constituent and input other information such as the topic of their speech, the date and time they spoke, and any additional comments. And yes, it really is that easy!