This year’s survey was an amazing success! Over 160 GAIL users participated and provided their invaluable feedback. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write down their thoughts. We now have a better understanding of the needs of our users and are going to work diligently to continue to increase the effectiveness of GAIL. Where do we start? By answering all your questions! Click into each button below to see all the participant feedback. Scroll further to see our future plans for GAIL.

What's on the Horizon?

New Constituent Tiles

Two new tiles will be added as an option to display on individual constituent profiles. The first tile will display the groups and committees that a constituent is a member of. The second tile will display the status of UGA employees. (Retired, Former, Emeritus, etc.) Tiles are a great addition to constituent profiles as they are able to give you quick information at a glance and they also have the ability to be hidden if needed.

UGA Employment History

We are changing our current HR upload process to reflect employee position changes within UGA. Going forward if an employee changes jobs at UGA you will be able to see their new employment information along with their old UGA employment data. Yay!

Employer Short Screen

More employment information! This was the number one request in this year’s survey. We too are interested in discovering new ways to promote adding employment information into GAIL. One of the ways we can do this is by making it easier to enter into GAIL. Currently when you add employment to an individual’s constituent record you have to click through 3 separate tabs. A new short screen for employment would bring the most important fields onto a single screen. Look to the left for an idea of what this future screen might look like. 

Records Information Portal

You might have recognized that the GAIL resources website looks a little different. We hope that’s a good thing! Along with the new facelift, there will also be new resource pages. One of these coming soon pages will be a Records Portal. What will the portal contain? From our survey feedback we noticed that many of our GAIL users aren’t familiar with how often data gets added to GAIL or where that information comes from. We’d like to change that! The new Records Portal will contain a FAQ section, instructional guides for updating constituent data, and a masterlist of constituent information sources. 

Single. Page. Marketing Efforts.

Yes, you read it correctly. If you’re anything like us, you dream of a day when all the tools needed to send your communication live together in harmony on a single screen. Well that day is soon approaching. With the new change, you will be able to create both your package and segment inside your marketing effort. There will also be shortcut links added to make navigating between your BEE email and your DME easier. When these customizations arrive, we will host a series of workshops to familiarize our current marketing effort users with the new process.

Simplifying Multi-Level Event Registration

For those who have hosted a multi-level event in the past, you may have heard feedback from your constituents about the length of registration. It’s true that the more complex your event is or the more information you request from your constituents, the longer the registration process is to complete. In 2019, we will be looking into options to lessen the amount of clicks for our event invitees. 

More BEE Templates!

Sometimes you don’t have time to build an email from scratch. Templates help! A short timeline doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautifully built email. Next month we will be meeting with DARCOM in order to discuss rolling out a whole new series of BEE email templates. Excited? We are too! In addition to new templates, we will also be adding more BEE instructional videos focused on design to our resources website.

Email Alerts for Expiring and Expired Plan Steps

Email alerts are a great way to help fundraisers stay organized and proactive. Currently we have email alerts for everything from prospect birthdays to committed revenue. Two new email alerts will be added soon to assist with managing plan steps. The first alert will let you know if any of your pending steps in the upcoming week are due to expire. The second alert will let you know if any pending steps the previous week have already expired. 

One Click Historical Plans

To make a current plan historical you need to delete all the active pieces involved, this includes plan steps and opportunities. This year we will be looking into how a plan can be made historical with a single click. Sounds too good to be true, right? We don’t think so! Keep checking back on our blog for updates on this project.