Did you miss out on the 2019 GAIL Summer Workshops? Take a look through the content we covered below and feel free to reach out to Client Services if you have any questions on how to complete the advanced techniques.

GAIL Marketing Efforts

Learn what's new in marketing efforts along with advanced techniques such as A/B testing, placeholders and finder numbers, single page marketing efforts and much more!

GAIL Events Management

Enhance your spectacular event in GAIL by utilizing smart queries, seating charts, RSVP no, and correct name formats for your honored guests.

Excel for Marketing & Events

From reviewing your mailing spreadsheet to printing name tags, incorporating Excel into your GAIL workflow can lead to powerful results.

Q+A with Records Team

You asked, they answered. Read through the Q&A session with the Records team to learn all the ins and outs of updating records in GAIL.