The FAME system was updated June 29, 2021 to replace the Legacy Department with the People Soft Department. You will need to use the People Soft Department for report criteria going forward. You can use a wildcard at the end of your criteria to assist in pulling groups of funds (i.e. 71542* in place of the last 3 digits).  You can also continue to use Unit as report criteria using the two-digit scheme.

The MIH Academic Code has also been loaded into FAME.  We will work toward updating reports to make those available for input and output.  A crosswalk from legacy department to MIH is located on the FAME website, under Resources.  That file can be found here.

We are still focusing on ways to improve analytics and reporting.  Please be on the lookout for future enhancements to the FAME system.

If you have any questions about this update to the FAME system, please send an email to the UGAF Financial team at


Other Items:

FY22 will be open for processing Wednesday, July 7th.  During this time, roll-forward balances are preliminary, as we finalize FY21 activity.  Final roll-forward balances will be adjusted at the end of July, at which time final FY21 reporting will be made available early August.